Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I begin to hum, just hearing the fluid notes the hero outlines, words of an age-old composition pulled out of a twenty-five year and rusting memory, of long afternoons spent rehearsing, out-doing yadayadayada. I trip on the name of the raga- Neer Bharan Kaisey jaaon from Khuda Key Liye is in Tilak Kamod, not Piloo. But not bad.



you speak words of magical music, you know that?
amazing to me each time...and the way it flows..

my heart to you in regards to BABA...
lessons learned???I hope?


austere said...

Shall I sing out loud?


I sincerely hope lessons learnt else life makes sure it teaches you, yes?

Baby Island said...

You should sing out loud!!! YES!


austere said...

one two three, START!

AmitL said...

You sing these out loud?Nice.