Saturday, April 12, 2008

Two sticky learnings. Someone’s long due salute to a writing class teacher who sent her back-“live life, get bruised, then write”; elsewhere a child with cancer celebrates a rare day in school, then sends in her homework.



sigh, I am so blessed that my children are healthy...endurance.

DUCK! :)

austere said...


Stuns one, uh?

Anonymous said...

My hope for the child, any one.
Went through your pictures and liked them veryvery well. It is an ocean of live, color, joy. And an amazing development, a strong power of , well "drive".
I hope for you austere, that you are well, unharmed. peace

AmitL said...

Two nice tributes.The first one-your experience??

austere said...

Mago- I have been reading about her progress and battles in a far away land day by day, she's a tough kid. :). I am good, the levels are under control, life changes have been done, and all is well. Glad you liked the pics.

Amit- nope, someone on a writing group. :) But I guess the battering helps iron out the words.

Baby Island said...

It is somewhat true about the writing, yes? The bruising is what brings out some of my most articulate chicken scratch.

My mother is the director of Oncology at the local cancer center and shares the joys and sorrows of this job with me regularly. Cancer runs deep in my family, I hope with everything I have it skips my children. They do prove to us how amazing and resilient they are while battling for their lives though don't they?

warm thoughts to you always.

austere said...

thy most articulate scratch is fulsome praiseworthy prose, babyisland.
Quite a woman, your mom.
Yes, I was taken aback at the enthusiasm. I felt so small.

Portia said...

i like the teacher's advice. one can't write what one doesn't know, and innocence can be so dull sometimes.