Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A flock of green-black parrots dots an orange-peach sky, a tiny speck of a chopper whirs past, oblivious of the birds, haze, or matchbox-like cars in busy lines on the highway.


Portia said...

The colours are vibrant and beautiful! I have never seen a free, wild parrot.

sathya said...

Hi Aust,
Medimix is sandalwood is it?
I thought mysore sandalwood held monopoly :)

btw... I second the ban on soaps!


AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-hey,where were you when you were inspired for this post?In an udan khatola,I bet.:)

Arunima said...

and it's been quite sometime that I saw real parrots. I saw them from a distance at the forts in Hyderabad.

austere said...

portia- they're green otherwise, with a red beak and in old stories carried secret messages between lovers in distant lands or some such. :)

sathya- mysore sandalwood, santoor is psuedo sandalwood. medimix is a herbal soap- superb- must try. and what abt IPL? a few hours of primetime dumbing down?

amitl- on the sixth floor of a bldg on a hill. :) wd love to be on a giant wheel- love that scary feeling.

arunima- they chatter so, don't they?

Quin Browne said...

i love sandalwood, there is something fresh yet sensual about it. california has parrots that fly about, odd isn't it? yet, they are dusky, sad in their colours.

belated greetings to himself, that shares a birthday with my investment.

men on that natal day are difficult to say the least...yet bring great joy.

Because of B said...

we are all in our mental boxes unaware of what lies outside it. We need one BIG box to fit everything inside it :)

Baby Island said...

When I lived in Sydney, the mornings were always noisy with Gala's on the front lawn and in the trees, so beautiful white and grey but what a cacophony!

Now I have beautiful Blue Jays squawking at the smaller birds in competition for the bird seed, they are just so mean spirited and fussy.


austere said...

becauseitsB! trust you to have a different spin on this all. :)

Babyisland- must look up Galas and Blue jays. :) I love it when you can keep the windows opened and greet the dawn with slowly escalating birdcalls.

Arunima said...

yes, they do.

Arunima said...

yes, they do.