Saturday, March 29, 2008

This year the corner cassia is in bloom, a showy all-gold Monet. Quite unlike the washed out pales last year.
Still, the cuckoo trills pre-dawn to a single star pinned to the sky


e said...

Sheer genius as always could title it "Swati and it would read like a poem then. Separate the last line from the main body - visualy more appealing that way. Is this another one of your 'subs'?

austere said...

Thank you.

No, not a sub. :)

Anonymous said...

Schön. Einsam.


Baby Island said...

Do you have pictures? I need to know what this looks like. Although in your words I know it is beautiful. :)

sathya said...

New word for me trills - rapid alteration of a note :)

But you would be awake so early to listen to the bird etc :-/ ?

I just cant get myself off the bed. :)


AmitL said...

Nice to see u're also an early riser(Not surly riser),when do you get up to hear the cuckoo trilling away?:)

austere said...

mister mago the magician- danke schon :)
With the cassia, the Topkapi brown and the blue med, how lone? Not lone.

babyisland- I took one but a red bus got into the frame, let me mail you soon.

sathya- this parrdicular cuckoo practices at five in the am :)

amitl- am up by six, and before the bird the dog squad chorus is at four.

Portia said...


interesting how they can change from one year to the next, just like us.

AmitL said...

Oohhh...that makes a lovely sound,na?all the dogs going OWOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOO!!

austere said...

portia- :) no?

amitl- at diffrent pitches, just a second distant, but what intent!