Monday, March 17, 2008


A hundred shades of green flutter in the breeze, forming an intricate lace canopy over impatient traffic.
Shiny cars, rattling autos, buses and cycles jostle to a metallic symphony and set off tiny dust clouds.
But by the roadside, dancing jade shimmers against the palest blue.

The season of colors.

Orange-red kesu flowers are stark and extravagant on a distant leafless tree.
The leaves have long withered, leaving the sap free to nourish the buds and blossoms.
Traditional songs, the hori, rave about the color called gulaal, that these flowers are processed to produce.
Colors that are sprinkled to play Holi, the spring festival that marks the change of seasons.
In time, these flowers will drop one by one, leaving a bare-branched tree stark by an orange carpet.

The season for change. The season of colors.


Quin Browne said...

as always, you let me see and hear and smell and feel your world.

thank you for that gift.

Anonymous said...

The season for change.

I wait and pray for a change.

sathya said...

Aust you are lucky you get to see all these colors, here in Bangalore trees are being felled so rapidly in the name of road expansion. It is really really harsh to see tree lined roads being so harshly axed...


AmitL said...

Happy Holi,Austy!!

soleil said...

another not celebrated...!

austere said...

quin- and thank you for reading.

mago the magician can do ANYTHING.. abracadabraboom!

sathya- c'mon, there must be SOME na.. I've lost a few tree friends too.

Best of colors and celebrations, Amit. :)

soleil- ho lee so ho lee, as they says, celebrate color, all the colors make up the palette, even the non shiny ones.

shooting star said...

happy holi!!.....change is constant!!!

austere said...

Star- thanks for dropping by. Hope you had a good Holi too.

Portia said...

i love spring celebrations, like celebrating all life:)

Baby Island said...

My spring is just about to bloom here on the Island. I love the visions of yours. :)