Monday, March 31, 2008

Rahman rocks! What a show- tremendous, pulsating energy that holds that thousand-strong crowd mesmerized, clapping and singing along; stupendous wizardry, that variation on the notes. Each time he renders Dil se, its flawless, soul-gripping, different. Only on the telly, alas.

Different rocks too, on the lovely ladies who do dinner; showroom-quality rocks that outshone the strings of lights at the reception last night, lights that shone and glittered with the sea breeze and the quite chatter on an impeccable lawn. I lasted there for half an hour, I’m getting better at the howd’youdo’s.


Quin Browne said...

catching up.

rolling in words of colour and laughing over the vision of rock's reflecting light...

i see them here all the time, making me smile as they catch the overhead neon from supermarkets as the owners reach for produce.

austere said...

quin, quin.. rock- adorned go to the supermarket? or their help takes care of all those lill livin details..

GREAT to hear from thou.

Portia said...

i enjoy the first "rocks" myself, especially the way you tell it.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-either way,it's the 'rocks' which bring happiness,na??:)Rahman's in Dubai,btw,on 18.04.

BTW,I'm so glad you say'howd’youdo', instead of'Hello!How Are?'(If you watch 'Khichdi',you'll know)


austere said...

portia- he is TOO good, even when the songs are Tamil, which I don't understand.

amitl- good chey, saru tyarey :) you will go to listen to the greatest show on earth? eh. Got carried away.