Friday, March 14, 2008

So its been a hectic week.

So the tests from last week are in, after all the prodding, pinching and wincing, and one’s genes being what they are, the results are what they are, and for once one is glad about the four plus year godawful degree one took, one knows how to handle this. Somewhat. Enough already. No comments.

There are three ways into town. Spent most of last week and this week exploring the roads and guesstimating traffic, inkypinkyponky we take THIS one, and cut past like that, and then THAT shortcut... and hopefully get where we’re supposed to. The days were spent in sinful luxury by the sea, talking work, gazing wistfully at the Gateway and envying the milling crowds eating bhelpuri past the high rise plateglass windows and taking trips on double decker tourist steamers cutting a smart arc in the glittering sea . Lunch was served on silver dishes, some of it quite all right, what’s to complain, though they could go easy on the oil and ghee. One learning: the ride does seem all right if one is listening to FM in the gridlock, red tail lights and way too many cars, particularly edge to edge on JJ bridge and one cant help but wonder if the design specs considered these loads. If you take the eastern expressway before eight in the morning, its fascinating to see the contrasts and the changes, from genteel art deco to working class grit, ancient mill-lands under development, swanky glass and steel nestling with single room chawl- type community living. And nice trees, more green than we see in my part of town. No, that’s not correct, possibly the green is more interesting because its unexpected.


sathya said...

Hi Aust,
Nice nice... four year degree n all .. which one was this :-/


Quin Browne said...

close my eyes... i am there.

silver dishes, to die for... and inkypinkyponky?

my new favourite word!

Portia said...

the right music can make such a difference in a day!
i can imagine the rapid growth. it is astonishing what has happened to the areas around me just in my lifetime. it causes huge controversy everywhere - is it progress or mutilation? i understand it is even more dramatic where you are.
i hope you are having a great weekend :)

Baby Island said...

I have to say I agree with Quinn,
Inkypinkyponky!!! I LOVE it. I will have at least 1 of 3 minions saying it by midday tomorrow.

I see you say "no comments" about handling tests etc..

I must.

It sounds cryptic. I don't do cryptic well. Hope you are ok.

And SILVER PLATES?? Really? My teeth might have ached just touching my fork to the plates! Sounds extravagantly painful!! :)

austere said...

sathya- what I studied na, how could YOU forget? How?

quin- full form, to be used when you have to choose between say three things:
father had a donkey.
donkey died, father cried,
a very kindergarten mode of choosing, but I use it.

The food was the sort you eat and take a two hour nap after, however we had to remain wide awake.

portia- just amazing, the change, if you have the eyes to see- ruins of mills, modern towers and shanties in a row.yet crime is quite under control for a city of this size and complexity.

babyisland: Completely painful if you have to keep alert after the repast. :) Tests? Well, I'll keep, but life changes.Completely.

Anonymous said...

"Eene meene miste - es rappelt in der Kiste.
Eeene meene meck - und du bist weg!"

Hide and seek: Children standing together counting out with that verse who has to count to hundred and seek the others.
One day I will visit the Gateway.


I love that, inkypinky..
music does so much for a soul, it puts more steps in our feet, more twinklesome spirit around the corners of our eyes and mouthes...I live on music.

As you know, after yesterday, I need some good classical to listen to right ballroom dance my way around my kitchen to prepare breakfast on saturday morning.

Ben's "thing" was normal, I left you a reply in my comments, it was more so bad timing and silly me for not putting him in something that he can't get himself out of. He has also climbed out of the crib a few times...such the life of the baby of the family!

Happy weekend!

abbagirl74 said...

What I love about this post is that I could have been in any large city, closed my eyes, and been right there with you. How wonderful!

manuscrypts said...

i should do inkypinkyponky one of these days... long time :)

Wireless said...

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no comments on the poking and proding except I am here if you need anything.

austere said...

hey mago, the Gateway, built once upon a time to commemorate a monarch's visit, awaits. Interesting these childhood games and phrases, huh?

crusty- you have one hell of a son, maam. All of them,actually. :) smart, smart kids. Waltzing around the kitchen, are you sure that's coffee, lady? thanks, appreciate.

abbagirl- right! except for the Gateway. :) we have some nice malls too, they could use your advice.

manuji- you bet long time. :) howdyoudo?

wireless- thanks for the comment (and the hug),am afraid my Portuguese is non-existent. Now write up abt Brazil.