Monday, May 21, 2007

Shalom. That's the only Hebrew word I know.
Good enough to start with.

(Work related.)


shiv said...

And they eat only "kosher" food, that sanctioned by their rabbi. So, if you are playing host, you have to be careful about that....

austere said...

and if you're buying them lunch, dinner, breakfast and their time, then?
Where's Haifa?

shiv said...

.. the same thing . whether it is at home or outside. No idea about israel i think, but don't know the exact location.

austere said...

Did you see the news about the company that's been acquired? Its an ENORMOUS deal. So excited. :).

shiv said...

Haifa is close to lebanon, in israel. Saw about the acquistion in passing on ndtv profit, while switching channels ...yes, it is time india showed its clout.

Anonymous said...

Shalom. They kept the "Mars"-bar clean: It's still kosher and veg, no cow-related stuff inside. I read it just in the news.

You can wish "massel tow [tof]" - good luck.
Haifa is a port, that's all I know about it.

Anonymous said...

I see from your last post the BJP is up to no good again. We had lock downs in Bangalore because of them in 2004.

I've been watching a slideshow of your flickr pics. Very nice. take Care!

austere said...

Shiv- very good stories today also.Finally something good is happening.

Mago- Cadbury's sells here. Not so much Mars.Mazel Tov! I was thinking culture wise, how much we know of the US, coke, Kennedy, IBM.. and how little of the rest of the world. Dont even know their festivals, and as a Hindu, nothing is common.

Proxima! HEY! Great break and all, huh?! Finally SOMEONE saw the pictures... :)

Sathya said...

Hi aust,

me too read the news in the papers...hmm Israel n all huh...kewl!!!

PS: me still dreaming of a trip to korea someday in the future :)

austere said...

Yes, Amrika and then korea:)

Ya pretty big one, this is.Nice.

prof said...

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