Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Scan the blue skies.
Clouds with just a tinge. Grey edge to the silver.
Its clammy. Irritating. Hot.
Not too long now.
The heavens will open up, bestow the first gentle drops of rain.
Awakening a parched earth.
Week one or two of June, that’s the question.


mystic rose said...

can feel it, almost.

Ricercar said...

v nice ...

austere said...

just now only going to happen, jussst now. :) only a few days to go.

ricer- :) ty ji

Anonymous said...

I love the smell of rain! I am one of those rare people that moved to Seattle for the rain.

austere said...

arre great! imported rain, all the way from amrika!
it is a tantalizing smell, isnt it?

AmitL said...

Lucky you...here,summer's just beginning,we can sense the humidity.:)Good luck at not getting caught in the rains in Mumbai,this yr.:)

shiv said...

just a week away..has started here.

austere said...

amit- I'm seriously thinking of buying a stock of bricks to raise the furniture and appliances, we are as unprepared, trenches on the roads and perpetual work in progress.

shiv- arre wah. gladdens the heart, no?