Friday, May 18, 2007

Don’t tell me what to do. Please. Don’t even think of it.
This is the first cut reaction as I watch the fracas unfold at the Fine Arts faculty, MSU.
Dirty politics and the sanctimonious saffron brigade. Tridents and all.
Art is interpretation. Nothing is sacred.
I may not like what Chandramohan sketched. I can sue him.
Not break his bones, along with sundry walls, windowpanes and rabid, howling mob fury destined to scare the wits out of ghosts.
Next, the culture police will want to expunge chunks of Shakuntal and Meghdoot.
Or paint over Khajurao.
Looks like a nice way to take the attention from Vanzara on rampage, the strange case of vigilante police and encounters.



I can't stand it when people tell me what to to live my to raise my children. Unsolicited advice..
Great read.
Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, have to recherche.

mystic rose said...

Oh. no.

When will this stupidity end? Politics is the abne of India, everywhere but India especially.

mystic rose said...

opened up frothy by the way.

austere said...

Crusty!Great to have you read, sorry abt not commenting on your page..This is about a political situation in my home state. A fine arts student is being picked upon for the work he did for an internal submission. It depicted Gods in a manner that the authorities dont favour. The BJP is trying to use this news to browbeat the supporters and student community, the dean of the dept has gone underground.
Mystic- completely asinine, agree.Read and commented. :)

Mago- hope these lines help?