Friday, May 25, 2007

3110 redux
Nokia, in its infinite wisdom, has christened the bells and whistles version of its basic model *drumroll* the classic 3110.
The basic model for Asia, 3110, circa 2000, that one?
The one I finally relented and bought in 2003 (after that fall and forced stay at home).
The one I’ve finally relented and bought now.
3110. classic 3110 .
Same thing. Almost. Any color, as long as its black.
Some things changed. I have.
You? You’d be amused, maybe, not surprised.


AmitL said...

My memory might be incorrect,but,was it not Nokia 3310?That was my first basic phone out here,in 2002. And, at that time,I hated the 'noose around the neck of cell phones', since it meant anyone from work could call anytime(And,they used to.LOL)

austere said...

Well according to Wikipedia, this is it... as ancient, dont you think?
And I avoided a cell till mid 2003, smart, no?

manuscrypts said...

@amit: thought so too, i remember my first mobile was a 3315 :)
and austere, you a henry ford fan? :D

austere said...

see! welllll it looks like my old mobile all right...

Anonymous said...

I have no use for a cell phone. As if I need anything else to hurl at people I don't like. The insults seem sufficient.

I'm taller then most Americans, so a big Amazonian hurling insults is frightening enough. :>

Then there's "the look". Indian woman have some of the most marvelous "don't mess with me" looks. I salute you!


shiv said...

And I stalled till end 2003...and my first one was its cousin the 3315..

Anonymous said...

I am glad to touch the button to answer. I do not know the producer of this thing or the type. It's the most basic I could get.

austere said...

mago, proxima, shiv- I held out too, for as long as I could.That's tough given the nature of my work. But it has its uses. The earlier one was the most basic model, this one is as simple, excpt for camera and FM and I use both a lot.

That glance only works so leetle, proxima. Not when you're putty with devotion in your genes and heritage. :)

mystic rose said...

im terribly backward in terms of latest technology.. :)
but i think i have a nokia phone too. i think. :)

austere said...