Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Pretty trees, half-a-foot tall and some.
Decked with cotton wool, crinkly leaves, a bit of red.
Stars with a hundred-one corners. Silver, red and gold paper chains , a-flutter.
Something in the air; now you reach out and touch it, now you can’t.

2007, they say, is the year of fire over water.
Sweeps clean, I tell myself.

The making of Happy Feet.
Tom and Jerry.
Ah bliss.

Can you match the colors of the band over the horizon at dawn? Break it up into cmyk, key in the percentages? Can you capture the hiss of a receding wave at high tide?
Feel the wind on your face.

Laugh, a child races the waves.

Pics on flickr in some.


abbagirl74 said...

Pretty pictures!

austere said...

abbagirl- dankyou

Paavani said...

nice capture.

abbagirl74 said...

austere - you have been tagged. Please visit my blog.

sanguine said...

very nice ..

Andrew said...

That was just beautiful. I envy you of your way with words! :-)

Proxima said...

Azure Austere, like water. Cool and oft' refreshing. Gentle flow against the earth, rubs to make a mark upon the soul. Seeking to be stoic, not so, but seeks to a pleasant impression. You win. :)

austere said...

OMG Andrew! am *DELIGHTED* to have you comment. And I so envy yours.
* doing the Maggie jig*
Paavani- thank you, o’ designer. *bows*He almost ran out of the frame heh.
Abbagirl- just six? have a long long list of weird things to pick from. Grin.
Sanguine- Glad
Proxima! Proxima, that’s just the sort of stuff that makes me go emm hmm and all bashful, ha. But many thanks, sincerely.