Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Radiocity 91.1 fm, music-e–azam, 8 am
(yes, I have switched station loyalties, for a while)
Featuring the masters.
Shankar Mahadevan is RJ with Manish Paul and has so far, interviewed:
Zakir Hussain saab on Monday.
Ghulam Ali saab y’day.
Sonu Nigam, this morning.
(Haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Mr Nigam is a precise mimic. Even when he’s nasal. Hilarious tangents to their conversation.)

Some anecdotes were awe-inspiring.
Zakir Hussain saab’s recounting of how his tabla practice sessions would start at 2 or 3 am in the morning when his father returned from his concerts. Percussion beats, the pin-drop silence of the night, learning about life and music at his father’s feet.
(That tritaal stayed with me all day, starting with the simple and getting ornamental with flourishes as it progressed. Brought back memories of collaborative covering up, almost missing out the sam and then fighting, practicing so many afternoons after school)

Ghulam Ali saab’s recounting of how he was initiated into precious tutelage by Bade Ghulam Khan saab- I could see the scene, a congregation of wise listeners by Lahori gate some winter morning, the maestro resting attentively on a charpoy and a young boy (who'd traveled a long distance from his village in a horse carriage and coal-fueled bus), presenting his first tentative notes.
(Khansaab’s trademark kataar thumri stayed with me all day, that and a hameer tarana).



:::LL::: said...

what about Radio station loyalties... I find them all the same, though must admit I don't listen that often...

kaafi indepth gyaan hai aapko shastriya sangeet mein...

austere said...

amaa LLji! Kahaan pahunch gaye? eh?
wah wah.gyaan ki chutti karo, apni sunao, kya hal chaal?

Aarjav said...

Sonuji Rocks. Merry Christmas austy...plans shu che?

austere said...

Ajjuseth- a top of the line christmas, hey! plans?

KJ said...

they are the REAL maestros...

merry christmas n happy new year




austere said...

KJ- the wit and repartee is amazing- they are just SOO comfortable with themselves, life.. heard Shankar Ehsaan Loy jamming this morning- kidding, laughing.. too good.
A superb Christmas and new year your way too, KJ.

ichatteralot said...

Music is indeed food for the soul - sometimes the song I hear on the radio keeps me going for the entire day

sanguine said...

ghulam ali live is amazing .. the man actually "runs a bluddy cycle in his throat while singing" i love him ..
n a wonderful chirstmas to u , austy .. wanting to talk to u for a while now .. wl call tomorrow .

PipeTobacco said...


Do you by chance have any recomendations for stations of Indian music that offer web casts of their music to RealPlayer or Windows Media Player?

I would love to listen to an Indian Channel, perferably of classical Indian Music and/or Instrumental Music.


manuscrypts said...

i guess their comfort level with life shows... have coincidentally posted a tangent...

austere said...

ichatter: yes, like a pattern.. heard Bhupendra Singh this morning.. wht an amazing voice..bass.. kisi nazar ko tera intezaar aaj bhi hai..awesome.

sanguine- haan. call quick. then we'll go to elco for pani puri in jan 2007 pucca

PT- Not that I know of, unless its one of the sharing sites like limewire- will check

manu- dekhing, in some. They ARE the masters.

Cherie! said...

Panipuri at Elco...yummm! Have pleasant memories of that after shopping for salwars n junk jewellery.

austere said...

How so, cherie!