Tuesday, November 07, 2006

(Before I forget.)
Guru parab was on Sunday,
Drumbeat, the lazy rhythm of lazim, intermittent crackers, a mad tempo
A saint-messenger feted with burgers, savories, dry fruit
The crowd dressed in their best;polyester and stilettos,
Chanting in procession by the silver chariot.
So much of pomp and show
In memory of such a simple man.
That evening the gurudwara is quiet
Just the blanket of lights on white marble
Your footsteps echo on a winding staircase
The crowds are elsewhere.
To the chant of the shabad, forehead to the ground
So much white, dazzling
Nothing to ask for, is good too.


Cherie! said...

Actually white is all the colours amalgamated is it not?

Arunima said...

nothing to ask for? as in prayers?
One of my friends once told me we are not supposed to ask but thank God and from that day onwards I have only been thanking him. i ask for strength to face each day.

austere said...

cherie- right!

arunima- lovely belief, but generally I do have a mile long wishlist..boss jara itna itna dekh lena...

GhostOfTomJoad said...

"So much of pomp and show
In memory of such a simple man"

If even half of us understood this, we'd have fewer problems in the world.

But, as they say, religion, like nostalgia, isn't what it used to be :-)

austere said...

mr ghost! right right right, ten on ten. yup, nostalgia neither. the shoot was good?