Tuesday, November 14, 2006

what has happened is horrible.
no- i dont want to talk abt it.
no fake words.


sathya said...

Hi aust,
You fine?
Home all fine?


austere said...

am ok. sortof
home- no.

on tour.

AmitL said...

Everything aok,ji??TC.

San said...

hmm not the best time to make an appearance on the blog then :|

PipeTobacco said...


Please know that you will be in my thoughts during your time of difficulty. You are a wonderful person who has numerous wonderful qualities... and I am hoping that whatever your current problem is, that it will be resolved very, very quickly and happily for you and your family.


Anonymous said...

I miss you.
You are such an imspiration to me.
Whatever it is you are going through,
I hope it makes your spirit free.

crab said...

May all your problem/s get resolved real soon ... Take Care Ben!{{{hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

you take care...

austere said...

amitL- ekandare nahi, pan chale, shoon thay.

san- thx anyway. will reciprocate in some.

PT- thx. appreciate that. this damage is not reversible. but anyway.

abbagirl- thx. mean it.

crabbie- thx

manuji- will rem tht.