Saturday, November 11, 2006

always they go together, light and dark.
when you have your schedule planned to a T, an unexpected turn of events.
dancing shadows; then you remind yourself this is the way it has always been.
will try post Monday. Else Friday.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the unexpected turn of events can be good, right? Have a good weekend.

E said...

Post Monday. Friday too far off.

sathya said...

Monday...Monday....Mondayy.....Am waiting

driftwood said...

Kya hua?

Soleil said...

ame shopping gaya tha. shu fine fine bling bling malyu. wah wah wah. em koh have, kyare malo cho? 30th na time hashe mumbai ma. 29th na reception vidayi all done. so either tyare, bhaag daud ni vachche. ki ahmedabad aavo! :)

Anonymous said...

was it murphy in particular, or was it just the way it usually is?

austere said...

abbagirl- sure. it has to even out.
e- yessir.
sathya- did
driftwood- *shrug*

soleil- jaldi, bane etlu.

manu- see post above.