Monday, November 13, 2006


Sometimes it hits you with a whoosh.
Then you get up and do what you have to, correct/tally/close.
Then you walk.
A transparent grid overlay against your usual passive acceptance of “as is where is” life.
So you force-apply the grid.

Then you say- this stays, this is out.
For a forced return to reality I’m not sure if the price was too high.
That it has been paid, is a fact.


E said...

Effort is wasted energy. Always. And doubt always has a reason.

austere said...

Which is a lovely line in itself. Didnt see the relevance, doesnt fit.

Prerona said...

Are you back? Can we talk?

Anonymous said...


everything does have a price, does it not?

E said...

A "forced return to reality.." would entail SOME effort wouldn't it? One should segue into and out of these states of existence...but then "should" itself is all wrong (why am I so enlightened *sigh*) :P!

austere said...

prerona- am back, will be away again on work. dont want to talk.

abbagirl- that's true.

e- sure. whatever.