Monday, April 29, 2013

Wonderful walk through Dharavi Nature Park y’day, the dumpyard-converted-to-miniforest. The kadamb was in bloom, the arjuna in a leaf-and-seed-shedding phase. Made my acquaintance with lots of trees, textures and scents I didn’t know before.

Season’s special: Tadgola, that raw, no-taste fruit of the palm.
Chilled,  a shortcut to bliss. Almost makes up for not being able to eat mangoes. Almost.
Datura, the killer, solanacea

ashwagandha, withania somnifera, the brain tonic



Anonymous said...

old world flavor in your pics di

icyHighs said...

God there's SO much left for me to see in Bombay and such little time.

Tushar Mankad said...

In outings like this, sometimes I guffaw at Google: now take this and try bringing it in your search results: the wafting fragrances of the landscape, the sounds, and most importantly, the emotions of the observer (yes s/he is allowed it) and those around. Google and the internet will always remain a small subset of human experience, a somewhat disposable one at that.

austere said...

norrbu-- thank you. tempted to send you ALL the photos!

Icy-- boss you MUST!

Solid comment, doc.Nope, no way google can get the sun in my eyes or the pesky ant on my arm or that trickle of sweat even as a cuckoo trills overhead...

shooting star said...

nice to see images of the ashwagandha flower and others!!

walk in the wold is nice no!!