Monday, April 08, 2013

“Austy, but Krishna’s telling Arjun to go ahead and fight a war!” AM says
“Yes, the sermon on the battlefield. A case of last minute jitters. The decision to fight’s been taken quite some time ago.”
“To understand this, you have to go into the back story, the story of the banishment and ‘not a needle-worth of land…', sometimes the only choice is to be brave.’”
AM’s Canadian, a smart kid, trying to come to terms with the Bhagvad Geeta.

Maybe I needed this reminder too. We’re alive only once. Lifetimes will come and go.

Though I caught only the tail end of this tree walk the view of the first amaltas sprig on an almost dry, barren tree was well worth it.

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AmitL said...

A Canadian trying to grasp the Bhagvad Geeta? That's interesting...and,yes,nice quip'We're alive only once. Lifetimes will come and go'.:)