Saturday, December 15, 2012

This blog is going private in the new year.
For now, for ever, who knows?
If you've been reading and wish to continue reading, drop me a line.
Else, Godspeed and good journey, and may you days be suffused with goldspun.


PQ said...

Why Austy? Can I still access u at this website? Or are you going to change the url? Even my blog is private - not searchable via search engines like google but I have the url open to only folks I know....hope you will have some alternate like that?

icyHighs said...

Noo. Just no. Don't.

Beth said...

As you may have guessed, I am pondering the same course. In fact, am already writing on my "eyes only" site, and have removed all but the most recent of my (years of) posts from public access into a private archive. I will definitely write you via email and will value the dialogue.

austere said...

Beth, I added your mail id, and trust you will log in, your mail dialogue is very welcome as well.
Icy- where art thou, young man?