Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A leopard. Spots and all. In my backyard. Almost, that is. In the next to next to next apartment block. Not its fault—once a dense forest stood here, trees reaching skywards, sunshine filtering to the ground..One more reason to justify a really late morning walk.

Very interesting to see how CONFIDENT some people are-- even when they’re wrong.
“This doesn’t magnify,” she said.
“You’re looking at the wrong end, turn the binocs around”
“THIS is the right end.”
“Hmm are you sure? The manual said otherwise.”
“The covers are on the part that points away. Magnification is not good.”
Other than the fact that these binocs are different, and that thing there is an eyepiece, the part closest to the eye, what you’re supposed to peer through.
But I like the confidence.


icyHighs said...

i'm not a fan of confidence in general. i like my awkward bumbling kinfolk. misplaced confidence on the other hand is oddly appealing. like watching a building go up in flames.

PQ said...

That leopard sure did look scary...do you live in the suburbs? Its difficult to imagine a leopard in Mumbai city