Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Perhaps it was always as tough.  I know I took the first job I got post my degrees and then moved on, made it work
But 22 lacs  “donation” for an entry-level college  job?
I was aghast and then G told me—6 lacs for a primary school teacher’s in a district in Maharashtra.
If I were young, I’d be worried. Very.
(Not that its easier post the 40’s cliff.)
And have a backup plan, a second trade or source of income. A plan b as it were.


PQ said...

Wow, looks like it is tough living in India these days. Nowadays when we hear of scams in crores...looks like gone are the days for lakhs...i don't know how things are exactly valued...but everytime i go home, things seem more & more expensive...especially when I compare it to what I had paid when I used to live there...

austere said...

yep, a society in perpetual adolescence transition.