Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yesterday in the park I watched a beautiful moth thrashing about in a delicate-as-lace -steel spider’s web. And I walked away.

I met the crow lady yesterday. A silver-haired Anglo-Indian with a penchant for cats and birds, including the beautiful baby crow perched on her shoulder. And immense bitterness—no faith in anything at all, not even an afterlife, not even a karmic balancing or life-lessons. So much so that my day seemed drained for a while, and I had to make an effort to return to my prior expecting-nothing state. I resolved to never be like her. Even choosing delusions or bitterness or angst or “rewards because you’re a good person” or victimhood is a choice, and one is always free to take a choice. Always.

Haven’t laughed so much in ages either. Put puzzles together with five year old D and my friend her mom—though I must admit Snow White got too much, with the seven dwarfs. The kid much too sharp for her age and fluent in three languages. All energy and brightness and hullagulla despite the fact that she has no usable teeth, and hence has been and will be on a paste-like diet till her permanent teeth grow in. Choice!


norrbu said...

karmic balancing, life-lessons, expecting-nothing state, delusions, “rewards because you’re a good person” - no bitterness though, just a slight disappointment, and a loss of faith. Thats it. Sucks.

Anonymous said...

"Ich hoffe nichts.
Ich fürchte nichts.
Ich bin frei."

I forgot who sayed this.

PQ said...

Puzzles are sure fun :)

austere said...

ywp, pq they are.

mago- an erudite konstanzakis, or so google says.. bow to the google God

norrbu- wait a while. youth is impatient!