Monday, August 13, 2012

Have been working late for a bit so the decorated stage that suddenly came up by the roadside for Janmashtami just sort of registered on the memory fringe. So when I turned the corner past ten pm on Friday, I was flummoxed to find the road full of Govindas, at least a few hundred young men seated on the road after the day’s dahi-handi revelry. I was terrified and the lone lathi -wielding policeman was worried, but volunteers materialized out of nowhere, cleared a path for my little Miss Blue to navigate that sea of humanity, to the chorus of “Make way for Aunty ”.
Three of those men could have crushed the car in a second if they’d wanted to, but Mumbai is Mumbai.


shooting star said...

aah..handi phor..never get to witness that in delhi!!

PQ said...

Can I get a small glimpse of Miss Blue? :)

austere said...

shooting: :)

pq-- wait!