Thursday, August 09, 2012

Where are you from?
Where am I from?
How is one “from” someplace?
Can I be from two places?
Why? What to do, my loyalties switch between the home town and Big city bad lights.
In one, I grew up. The other made me grow up.
Why not?
Can I be from ten places?
What about the original village of family origin? Am I not from there? Some of the words I use, some of my attitudes?
How am I “from there” if I’ve been to that place for two days in all my life?
Then, what about the city of birth? The trademark bridge like steel lace joining the two shores…seen after forty some years, how can that be home? Or is the imprint on your genes for ever and ever?
Talking of genes, what about the community story, about the great migration from the temple city, from centuries ago? Does it stay on, does it play on, even if you’ve never been there?
Can I be from ten places?
So...Where are you from?


norrbu said...

I am from many places too - of birth, of ethnicity, of nationality and of choice.

Anonymous said...

There are so many forms of Bindungen, liasons, commitments, relations ... we all are formed, yes.
Basically all I learned that matters (mattered later) I learned before twelve. I am a country boy (not in the American tralllah sense, where it's used as excuse for bad manners and egoism) - as i think the most important thing is to see - "see" in any respect of the word ("Begriff")- and all I learned later (in school and university) is based on the ability to see, feel and understand. That is what I learned in the woods and in the village, a pocket of time it was.
I'm from Fischbach.

(I doubt that you can find it :)

PQ said...

I have the same issues, I change my answer based on the person asking or my mood.

icyHighs said...

"In one, I grew up. The other made me grow up."


Anonymous said...

something that has always bothered me. you just spoke my mind :)

austere said...

Thank you!