Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yesterday I saw the ending shots of A Passage to India.
Must have been a super movie.
Why only the ending shots? I was waiting for Ram Kapoor to finally meet Priya, whom he believes is dead, but who isn’t. Amazing how this story goes on and on and on.
Finally decided to go on a tree-watch trail this weekend. 
Else I’ll get antsy and pack and unpack and repack.


norrbu said...

On and on and on is just right -- another show Kasauti - which began when I came here ended just recently. :)

PQ said...

Austy u do watch "Bade Achche"...i pull everyone's leg who watches it :)

austere said...

ha ha Norrbu-- how on earth would you KNOW about kasauti?

PQ- guilty as charged.. but I switch on the TV only for this, so ...