Wednesday, July 11, 2012

“The hills! You must be going to some Ashram I bet!” the stranger scoffed.
“No…” I said, gesturing a walk.
Why is pursuit of the matters of the spirit looked down upon by “high” society—a choice of last resort, a time pass, something one pursues if one has nothing to “do” in life?
Mildly amused.
If my crisp work persona is what you see, good!
It is another matter that my God is the God of  the skies and hills and trees and rain and the whole world is his ashram--as also his play thing.


norrbu said...

and mine is a dwindling belief.

Anonymous said...

Most people "have nothing to do in life".
They just do "things".
They never ask why they do what they do, they never ask who they are. Anything remotely spiritual is caged or contained.
Good for them.

But the spiritualia in the end do rule over the accidentialia, am Ende herrscht der Geist über die Materie - only spiritual "things" can create something like meaning, material things just are.

They get lost.
And Antiquare find them again.

PQ said...

I have experienced the same