Thursday, July 19, 2012

And this is the part I snipped out:
While walking through that up-and-down hill village (now a lineup of shanties and tumbledown homes) the sole and upper of my sandals parted company. Even as the heavens opened up. Found a content cobbler who repaired these instantly and was surprised at tipping—a quiet man who packs up by eight  so as to spend time with his family, and revises homework with his sons every evening—wants his sons to go to college.. A builder’s board for a redevelopment scheme has been up for five years, and well yes, they’d get more space in rebuilt flats.The home-grown air about the place would be lost... Once, leopards roamed these slopes where industrial units and fancy office blocks stand tall.


shooting star said... wondering whether our country is going worse or better????

there's hope but there's so much pain, hatred and frustration...there are good stories but so many bad ones!!

PQ said...

What a savior that cobbler...nice of you to tip...guess back home that is not expected. When I tried tipping in a parlor back home, they just wouldnt take it