Thursday, October 27, 2011

a year and one day,
now I seek you
in the scattered sunshine
golden shower on green
gentle, illuminating
rock strewn paths.

also in
orange lanterns, chinese
bobbing on a giant tree
light bedecked sky
ushering in the new year

as also in
the graceful arc of a perfect star
as it balances on velvet black
then dips into the surf
clamoring on rocky shore
ever so gently

from light unto light
as the hymn says
pass now
ever so gently


norrbu said...

A very happy diwali to you di.

Anonymous said...


Yes, a very happy diwali, Austere.

shooting star said...

the words reminds of those innumerable moments..when going thru those familiar paths..i am expecting dad to to crop up behind me and say, i wasnt gone anywhere...but that doesnt happen...and never will...but my mind will never stop to imagine those!!

PQ said...

Too late to wish you...wish you lots of happiness, sunshine and warmth.