Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Amazing how you continue to reach out and bless me from beyond the pale.Stunned. Been so long since you went your way to the skies-- I was five then, am forty- six (and some) now. Once “your” dining table from 1950? was stripped of that faded formica marked with the lines and stains of the decades, magic! A gleaming sheet of burma teak-- three huge planks joined seamlessly, that left the carpenter dazed, he’d not seen something like this, he refused to re-size it. So now I have a spare door for someday. Baba had often recounted the pride with which you’d bought this table, the first time formica was introduced in the country.
Amazing, and not only the teak.


norrbu said...

wonderful memories di - the things that keep up grounded and good. but they also tell us not to look in the past.

AmitL said...

Nice memory-yes,indeed-the products of those days were amazing, including people, may I add..we're not a shade of them, by comparison..:)

PipeTobacco said...


Your words are always so beautiful, even if in sorrow. Your words are like a painting or a sculpture. Thank you!

In response to one of my essays you wrote:

"In our scriptures, there is a state called sthitapragnya, dispassionate, uninvolved, an observer."

I will look that up and learn more, but I would like to hear of your opinion on that sort of state.... do you find it valuable or exclusionary?

Finally, the formica table.... do you have any photos of its transformation? I would like to see how it has changed.


PQ said...

Austy, I feel the same about the furniture at home...Mom tells me about when they bought it and with the little budget....and once you have a story associated with something, all the more difficult to part with it.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes its the smallest things - something so buried in front of you that you fail to recognize it - that bring about memories

- Yugesh

ritu said...

mane pan photo jovo che. so glad.