Monday, September 14, 2009

Watched Mamma Mia on HBO, Saturday.
Decent storyline, hellova actors (Streep and Brosnan.oh la)
Songs that you sing full-to-full volume-- songs with memories, songs of hope and happy times, of life even-ing out.Sitting on the backporch with that clunky walkman. Your mind takes off on tangent, all the storylines mix in a happy buzz that outlasts Monday blues. Thank you for the music, ABBA.


norrbu said...

I wonder what Streep would've been if not an actor. Perhaps a physicist. Something incredibly academic.

manuscrypts said...

yup.. thoroughly enjoyed it :)

AmitL said...

I haven't seen it yet-but,I will-for the memories!:)When buying an Abba cassette used to take a month of saving!:)

Arunima said...

ooh! mama mia.

austere said...

norrbu- a lawyer for the oppressed?

manuji, arunima, amit- yep.
more than a month- you got to wait for b'days! :)