Saturday, September 19, 2009

Navratri begins today, the festival of nine nights, the festival dedicated to the Mother Goddess in all her forms, her avatars.
An auspicious time after the period of obeisance to one’s ancestors known and unknown, all the strangers who have passed me the genes I carry.
There’s a smile in the air. On the road, strangers walk by, swishing silks with golden borders have replaced office formals. This evening, the roads will be festooned with lights, and I’ll strain to hear and sing along to half-forgotten words. I’ll look at the pinpoint stars past the haze, and remember the lush greens and riotous yellows I drink in every morning, her grace real and ever renewing, my lifeblood.



have a peaceful evening and morning, okay??

Have a fantastic Navratri

Canary said...

back after a blog-break :)
Happy Navratri and Dusshera to you :)

norrbu said...

Happy Navratri Austrere di.

Anonymous said...


austere said...

mago- :)

norrbu- to you too. "..shakti roopen sanstitha, namastasye namastasye, namastasye namo namah..."

canary- welcome back. your name is different but you sound like someone I used to know... added to reader.

crustyyyy- thank you. Wish you the best of festival season too.

AmitL said...

Happy Navratri!!

PQ said...

Will be volunteering at a garbha event here...i've never danced the garbha...i'm more of a spectator material :-) Happy Navratri to you!!! Hope it brings you a lot of good luck.

austere said...

amit- to you too!

pq- thank you thank you! I wish you too. It'll be riotous- promise! just fab the atmosphere- the music and lights are magical!