Friday, May 15, 2009

At a quarter to three in the morning the clouds are low and bear a trademark red tinge, as if streetlights flood the heavens; but that's not reason enough to awake at that blessed time every night, like a third bit actor in a ghost movie. Neelkamal anyone?

Copyright infringement can be infuriating. But I got back, I stood up to authority- a big change.
And then I let go.
Like several I let go in the recent past.
You have to choose your battles.


Anonymous said...

The mornings are a wonder. For years I went to bed in the hours after midnight. Now, mostly because of the work, I see them. The "blue hour" when all of a sudden it is there and the outline things like houses becomes visible is magic. The sun's light is different on every morning.
I am very thankful for this.
One day I will not be anymore to see it but it will here, Schönheit

Over the years choosing the battles becomes important. Strength has to be managed. It tends to escape.

PQ said...

Very true about choosing battles - sometimes it is good to let go.

austere said...

PQ- :)And age does not bestow wisdom.

mago- loved this. such beauty, mister magician! more, please! you made the scene come alive.

Very true, strength seeps out in dribbles and quanta pockets.

Ricercar said...

your descriptions are so evocative. that and the picture of the flowers on the right made me suddenly desperately homesick and blue :)

Arunima said...

jo haar ke bhi jeete hain, usko baazigar kehte hain. (on giving up and choosing battles) :-)

austere said...

arunima :) chalo gana gatey hain!
Sahi bola, boss.

ricer:) kya karengey? simple simple likha. shall I photograph a few champa and send them your way?