Monday, July 07, 2008

When it’s the harsh real-world grittiness and intriguing multiple-layer complexity of a Sarkar Raj that stays with you versus the few frames of a frothy chocolatey Dil to Pagal Hai that you force yourself to see “for old times sake”; that you really realize what the years do- you’ve changed.


Anonymous said...

Ummm.... anyone remember 'the-thirteen-song epic'? :)

Still .. watching Mughal-e-aazam or Pather Panchali in B&W beats Sarkaar Raj anyday

- Loup

austere said...

I cannot see M. E. A any more- just can't.
And Mr Ray didn't exactly make thrillers, right? Different genre.

AmitL said...

hehe..Madam/Sarkar,sahi farmaaya aapne.:)Cynicism takes over somewhere or the other,na?

hehe..I still prefer comedies of Golmaal(new and old) and Dhamaal type, rather than movies like Sarkar Raaj.(Perhaps I'm v. young at heart?LOL)

manuscrypts said...

bollywood is a great yardstick... for the first time, i slept during a movie last weekend, i realised then how unfit i had become :|

Anonymous said...

This transition goes so smooth slowly, a river.