Wednesday, July 02, 2008

That water finds its own level.
That water flows downhill.
Mostly. But if the path downhill is blocked, water floods.
And so it did.
Caged a lift marking a furrow in the said flood waters (memories of Cal), made it to work to learn I was the only person in my group, turned right around and went home.
The BMC commissioner more or less says “live with it”.
Was that in English?


manuscrypts said...

i think its about time someone started marketing this well.. like 'goa in the rains' :p

Portia said...

Outrageous. The Commissioner, not the water. The water sounds like me.

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

read about the flooding ... how bad was it this time?

entered home?


austere said...

Manu- bah. Jhapat-worthy, that comment young man. :)

portia- he actually said, "See Netherlands? It floods there, they live with it, so Mumbai should too, as well." The consulate sent him a website link with the engineering changes they've put in, and a list of companies.

sathya- luckily now we are on the first floor. :) but one still has to use the roads. will forward some photos someone sent me.

Baby Island said...

Uhg, sounds terrible. Stay dry and safe.

austere said...

Yup. But right now I wish it'd rain.

Always wanting what is not.