Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sometimes life moves in quickmarch.That split second decision, go! The goof up with the ticket, brilliant. Wondering, this once too, what kind of economic sense it makes to wait endlessly in queue just to taxi, or land. Marveling yet again at the mosaic at the subway, first the old man’s feet and then his words and then that wizened visage with the staff. Singing that beatles medley with the child, she’ll do all right, anyone who can sing ahardday’snightlovemedo in a row should do all right. The instant reconnect with S.So much said unsaid. Laughter. Walking in your footsteps.Yes, I know. What a lovely home, it has that distinctive stamp on every inch, blue green and kota gray. A retreat, but bubbling flamboyant and in your face assured, none of that shrinking in the shadows. That chunk of a gnarled tree trunk in the courtyard. The fish in that tiny pond. Green. Lush. Colors. Vibrant. Unpredictable. The walls around her bed are pale blue and white. I try not to think of the price she gladly generously paid, as I cajole, bully, laugh and smother,and sneak another spoonful of bland food in. Returning, yet another long wait circling the city.
Life goes on, in circles, patterns, trendlines and shades.


E said...

You are a genius! This is real good stuff :)

Reshma said...


last week wisteria bloomed in my backyard, and i thought of you. flowers and flowers alone on thick brown vines, and such lovely color, makes me want to freeze it forever. Bees are having their fill too:)

Ricercar said...

as always - i am amazed at how much you get out while giving how little away :)
i wish i could follow in ur shoes ;)

austere said...

e- "mainey kuch naheen kiya!" for more, watch ba bahu baby, fridays and weekends on star plus, nine-thirty IST.

reshma- yes, the wisteria bloom again...:)

ricer- hehe. see reply to e, above. use as think fit. :)

abbagirl74 said...

Life does go on in circles, doesn't it? I love this post. Very vivid.

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

what was the ticket goof up? Journey ahead?


Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

One more thing, bought Apache bike... :)


The Observer said...

Heh heh...I wonder,too...about waiting endlessly in queue,just to taxi or land...great writing,throughout the post.:)Tks for an interesting read.AmitL

austere said...

thanks, abbagirl..

grin, no sathya. you dont want to hear about it. yup. get that helmet too and wear it, OK?

amit- yw, amit. new id? btw namesake is a must watch.