Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our erudite historian, linguist and digger of long forgotten family trees, mago ( has a new blog open for discussion, What is culture to you? At (
Worth a visit if you have something to say, even if you don’t.
Erudite, I said.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking this austere. "Erudite" - wow! Hopefully somebody has the nerve to say something about "Culture". With a big "C"!

austere said...

You're welcome, Mago.

Aarjav Trivedi said...

Thx for the link Austy I'll check it out. City of Djinn's arrive from Amazon yesterday evening. Less than 12 hours later I am wishing it had been more than 300 odd pages :)

The most exciting thing about the book is these loose strands here and there that suggest the possibility for the reader to go and investigate himself. Some day!

And I so so want a copy of the letters of William Fraser.

Perhaps I can tag along for the visit to the tunnel with you too :)

Thanks for the mentioning the book here and if you know of any other such great books on Indian history pls to share!

Aarjav Trivedi said...

Also austy, that link goes to the wrong blog! I was shocked for a second to find some guy (from Atlanta !) cribbing about a potential date and calling her desperate on that blog till I went to the mago blog and it turns out the actual URL is


Anonymous said...

Hello Deah!

I saw a post below about "The Namesake", I can't wait to see the moive! It is currently playing here at one theater, but that thearter is far from my home, so I might have to wait to rent it.

Ah, such wonderful colors you keep writing about, lovely. Also, funny about the "mis-link" to Mago, ha ha ha, we can't be perfect ALL the time now can we! :>


austere said...

HEY AJJUBACCHA!How is life with you so so GREAT to have you visit,you busy man. Eh so you ran into someone from Atlanta? grin grin small world. nudge. You will LIKE City of D, have you read any Pico Iyer? Fluid and sweeps.Video nights particularly, but travel rather than history. Am yet to begin White Mughals, same author, the size scares me.

Proxima- yup its a stunner of a movie, but maybe depends on the mind frame too, at fortytwo feeling old it worked for me! You are good? Must watch.

So silly the link goof up...grin.

Aarjav Trivedi said...

Austy...I'd already finished City of D in the morning when I commented :)

Ordered "In Xanadu" and "Age of Kali" by Mr Dalrymple today. I have read only a "short" by Pico Iyer called "A Place I've never been" (

T'was good!

Ajju said...

Life is good. Still trying to strike a balance between work and play - swinging like a pendulum! Don't know if you happened to read the tiny ET column on pops dear with his funny caricature on top - but it was proof that this is in my genes :P

austere said...

Ajju- read about your dad's new assignment, *drumroll*, but not this column, so pass the pdf? I'd strongly recommend "Video nights in kathmandu", but not " Sun after dark", not yet, that is. Did your system of time mgmt work? Would love to hear about that. Give me a heads up on the new books once you're done, haan?
Actually City is to be read savoured word by word, no?