Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So it is the years and the silver streaks in my hair that make a difference?
Ten plus years ago, I had shouted at you.
Don’t talk to me. Ever. How can you do this.
What kind of a brother are you.
You were the perfect couple. Ideal. Roses and red wine, except it was a sham.
Then it ended, as publicly as can in that closed and conservative society. Nasty.
You hurt, personally. Professionally.
Then you went away and made a new life. From scratch.
I now respect your decision. Clean.
Is there something “nice” about it? No.
Atleast it was honest. And if she lasted ten years then she’s more than a trophy wife.
Maybe I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Truth lasts.

Anonymous said...

These things are difficult for everyone involved.

Ricercar said...

yes that fascinates me. how our judgements and our analysis of situations change. not getting the right words here. clean is best sometimes cruel or not. atleast honest and clean. na?

crab said...

umm its neither @ years or the white streaks in the hair .. methinks its the grey matter inside our head LOL (bad .. pj sorries) .. there r some ties which bind us forever .. for good or bad ..
vaise, imho takes guts to write what uve written here in this post .. cheers to u Ben! :-)

austere said...

cherie- well, maybe you're right.

proxima- awful really and you dont know how totally horrid middle class India, not old fashioned, not modern; can be.

ricer- best in the long run, honest and clean, you bet.

crabbie! WHERE were you? grey inside I dont much have, but guts a plenty, fools rush in where angels would fear tread :)

sathya said...

Aust>> me too young to be sayin the right words n all.. but you dont let yourself be hurt ok...and thats an order...

austere said...

sathya :) ok. thanks.
btw this is about my cousin.

shiv said...

Wisdom comes with age and experience. The more adversities you face the wiser you get..God's way of telling you, that you need to learn more.There is another aspect to this.Ten years back such a walkout was not so common place. Now it is and so we have learnt to accept. something up on my blog too

austere said...

Maybe its Ekta Kapoor too, all the saas bahu serials that we are force fed.
Very true on the " need to learn more about life" aspect to events.