Monday, March 05, 2007

new Roughpad updated.


Anonymous said...

How are things in Austy's world today? Good I hope.

My days are full of bloodletting, they might as well attach a hose and turn on the tap. Hope there will be answers soon. Want to disappear, it's What I do best, like Casper, the friendly ghost.

Did you have some Badam milk on my behalf? You don't like it so much as me perhaps.

Are things starting to come into bloom over there? Would like to see pictures.

austere said...

Ah Proxima. Things have been quite duh! about here, struck in the seventeenth century and closer times, but history all the same.
The procedure- wont fuss. but thanks, was thinking abt it this morgen.
Did eat some mango right after holi, that's the point after which you can begin to eat mangoes, religious stricture wise, you know. Badam not yet, I have to go to town for the right flavour and havent been in some time.
Yes, full bloom, all green and gold. will shoot, post and tell you.
will try and post later in the day.