Saturday, February 24, 2007

Whimsical, the thoughts I make up. You would have liked the malls, I think. And shiny cars. Glittering flyovers. BKC and the worli link, the splendid majesty of it all. Fusion food. Clothes with labels, so many more fashion street ones too, so many styles I can’t keep up with the names. And perhaps taken a few quick kathak chakkars to Tere bin. Rahman. SEL. Remixes. And you’d have liked AB. And AB’s baby. Trance? I dunno, not really maybe. Tabloid, line-your -shelves-journalism. Page three to laugh at. Some soaps, not the mother-in-law ones. Multiplexes. Phone in books, tickets, music. FM, all the seven stations. Isn’t it funny that I’m scrambling for ways to pack in the present, in shorthand, in measures of the past? Isn’t it funny how I know it isn’t working, a disconnect?