Friday, February 16, 2007

Mahashivratri today.
This morning, the temple was bedecked in green and yellow, marigold and asopalav.
Lovely rangolis, chants in the air and a queue of the hopefuls.
At the track there is a fresh coat on the trees, as tender green unfurls on the badam and palm. Sunlight gleams off spray at the fountain, and you look up and notice a few scattered clouds riding high on a pale sky, a crow or something wheeling in the distance.
At the block of flats next door, a live band is playing, a piece entirely tender, wistful and precious. A requiem.
You bow and genuflect as you pass by.
In the midst of darkness, there is light.
What is new is attention grabbing, attractive, interesting.
If something is known and that too, known well, then there is a base.
Anything beyond is at best, only incremental. So already factored in.
True for stocks as for people.
There is something in our genes which periodically craves this uptick of novelty, the frisson of the unexpected.

Yesterday was ok, but most of this week there was red on the street. Complete randomness and fools, as the book says. When she sashayed from 9000 levels to 14000 plus, didn’t we all watch, cheer, pray, wring hands and clap at each rise? Didn’t we jostle collective memories and point to the great Indian growth story? Did it evaporate overnight, like India Shining? Which one of us looked askance at volume and price toppers on the index, wondering where on earth, who what why? So now? Payback time, so hold tight, enjoy the ride.


Alien said...

U bet..

Up and down
And up again
Hang on dude
Its a timing game

Walk in when its low
Out when its high
Mostly the longer you're in
The larger is your piece of the pie....

Sorry, impromptu rhymes always need some polishing!!

austere said...

That was quick! badhiya!
Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
how does Jack know
its a candlestick?

Ricercar said...

Missed the Maha Shiv Ratri this time till someone mentioned it - when it was too late!

austere said...

Shivratri is like feasting- fasting. So many different types of faral. Two kinds of chips, and three kinds of fast ke liye veggies...not possible to forget with this kind of prep.

Anonymous said...

I hope your weekend was a nice one!

Lots of writing to accomplish next week, don't know why I bother, by the time something is ready to publish the market isn't there anymore. Bah!

I should sit on a blanket on the street corner and sell stories like a fortune teller! :<

austere said...

Weekend was fine, not great but ok, peaceful.
:) We can begin that street corner business in partnership, eh? best with the words, girl!

Arunima said...

Oh! I missed it.

Are the pictures on the right taken by you? They are just amazing.

austere said...

arunima! more praise like that and I will mail you every pic, shaky, out of focus, everything!
I've not been reading you no, whattodo.

Paavani said...

Mandir jaane ka man ho aaya. :)

austere said...

paavani- ji. gayen honge aap?