Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What has changed?
Am quite amused and curious.
Words that I once struggled to read and set right, how atrocious they sound now.
What changed? Just the years?
Time, water under the bridge, perspective, maturity?
Seems truly hilarious when I try to recall the effort, energy and distress not so long ago.
Okay, so maybe it’s a “a time for all seasons” kind of a thing.


Ricercar said...

everything has changed
nothing has changed
lol. was reading some old post and i realised, i probably havent changed at all!

i have switched to beta. am loving the categories/labels

so now i have integrated many of my blogs - poetry / fiction, etc and i am integrating "prerona" as well into ricercar - so everything will be there with a diff label! Yay!!!

shiv said...

Will be visiting the virtual world regularly as I am now indisposed due to a fall...will have a re-surgery next week and then 3 months in bed. Looking forward to reading some nice posts from you. About me? I am not sure....I may start writing again...who knows?

austere said...

Ricer- I guess this insight comes with age..*cackle*

Doc- But you must, sir.Write!
Have commented.

driftwood said...

Austy, was just thinking about this a little while ago. Everything changes, no? As do people. Met Hyde yesterday who asked me "What happened to you? You were all right a month ago" :-).

austere said...

oh. For Hyde to say this, it must be a quantum change. Quite perceptive is our Hyde.

Paavani said...

nothing is changed but everything is changed in a second. Time is changed means so much more is changed but I am here only and you are there. So what is changed.