Friday, June 05, 2015

last night I bought mogra strands. The scent like a backdrop.
A perceptible change in the air this morning.
Everyone waiting for the rain. Even the crows are quieter.

The other day I stopped to pick up a yellow flower.
and looked at it. really, really looked at it.
such moments should be remembered.

maybe translating poyetry in the pre- but  not- quite monsoon does that to you.


Anonymous said...

Is the mogra similar to jasmine or gardenia? Gardenias have an amazing scent. I tried to grow one in my yard here, but the deer ate it!

Hope all is wonderful with you. My "identity" may not be familiar, but it's just your old friend, Beth, from Florida, attempting to blog again, with all gathered under one roof at CATEGORY FIVE (

PQ said...

I am just like you about admiring flowers, for me a lot of them here remind me of home, the ones I grew up with. Flowers are wonderful, they just silently bring so much joy :)

Billy said...

Yes, I too love to really really look at flowers.