Monday, May 25, 2015

The very slightest of changes in the air, the humidity a tad kinder than it has been, monsoon just round the corner and it is unnerving how the birds always know, they are quieter though an insistent cuckoo yodels regularly at 4 in the morning.

After long it has been good to get back to the words, after that mammoth *memwa*tx that feels like going round in circles. Finally returned to the practice with a sub last week, and began to tx again, tinkering with verse this once, felt so good to have the neurons a word-stretch. Anguish and helplessness are so difficult to tx. One does what one can.

Piku was superlative, after laughing so much I teared up the first time in years. Bombay Velvet has a solid plotline, amazing recreation of the 1960’s but it is a film about gangsters so…maybe the violence could have been cut down 30%, alluding to hits instead of showing them in graphic, gut wrenching detail…Mrs. S, who has lived in So Bo and CP in the tumultuous 60’s said that this is what happened, this is as authentic as it gets, this is how land was reclaimed by pumping out water… she remembers bodies being washed ashore every few days…

Can changing sofa covers be a prescription for joy? My day feels brighter after the patterned Swayam covers.


Billy said...

Missed you!

Anonymous said...

Changing sofa covers is definitely a recipe for joy - may it last !

PQ said...

I wouldn't know if someone beat a drum at 4 am :)
Didn't want to see Piku since not a fan of Deepika. Actually haven't seen movies in a long time, last was PK. But heard great reviews from friends here too, will see it. I might like her. Want to watch Bombay Velvet too.
I recently bought new sofa cushions and totally relate to the joy :)