Saturday, April 04, 2015

So well the deed has been done, the die cast. Or whatever it was that kept me awake at night for weeks, debating the right way to do things, only that there is no right way to do things—the first time ever, now I know what tossing about sleepless and desperate for respite feels like. In a way, nice to finally get this done before (but just about edging in) the end of the financial year. So yes, now the what next. Kept myself busy, writing, translating, taking up deadlines for stuff that’ s too big cause, people spend lifetimes at this art.

In a splendid out-of-the-blue  surprise last Sunday,writer-journalist-blogger Urvish Kothari wrote about the Icestupa in Gujarat Samachar (the largest selling Gujarati newspaper). My translation and the original here, on his blog:


Anonymous said...

What are these strange "juice-machines" that are sold on the buses ?

Whatever kept you awake, I hope you found the good solution for it.

PQ said...

I'm wondering too what it's about, but yeah I trust you have thought well about it and taken the right decision, after all who knows best about ourselves than us. Don't feel too low, change is always hard but I am glad you had the courage to do what you did.