Saturday, August 02, 2014

Random observations
Almost empty trains rattle and sway, cutting through the night. trains that have passengers plod through, steadily.

At the park: Such a cascade of song from a  delicate bird. Droplets in a line trace a pine branch.

Layers…  what you see is not what is… revelations you had never guessed at. Such sadness. Despair. In sharing, so much of the past comes to life. So much seeps through, shapes the present. And now it’s too late. Life is a privilege.


Anonymous said...

Astute observation about the how a train sounds differently whether it's full of people or nearly empty. Writerly folk pay attention to such subtleties. :)

Anonymous said...

But sadness and despair are only one side of the coin, one perspective. I never understood how memory works.
I try to find out how perception and appreciation work ; only guesswork in the end.

PQ said...

Yeah, so much that we know not. True, life is a privilege..