Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cat-and-dog and the zoo rain where the heavens send sluices of water on hapless denizens. Just after I assured someone monsoon was over and done with.  Sneaky rain this, the gardener at the park had to lend me an umbrella. One minute sunshine, next rain. Like life!

Behadd was so GOOD. Why can’t we make TV programs half as good as theirs, considering we have almost the same gene pool etc etc? Had stopped watching Sat. night taken aback at what seemed like a standard storyline. So glad I caught up with the rest y’day.. superb storyline. Umera Ahmed is a stunning writer.

Model Town Andheri W Ganpati. That’s where these pictures are from. Beautifully crafted.


Anonymous said...

Where are you volunteering ?


PQ said...

I thought you had a quick visit to Egypt :)