Monday, June 16, 2014

So what do you say to someone close.  Just as one had foreseen the illness has spread, and every medical intervention merely a short term band aid. Plus the weight of having to put on a happy face. Life is so short, so beautiful…Life just IS …and yet.

Everything else pales in comparison. Life takes you by the collar, demanding to be taken seriously.

This first stage of monsoons, when one is grateful for the skies opening up…may the Gods be kind, we need the water… later of course one shall crib about the incessant rain and dark skies

What brilliance and kindness… looking at you, I can only imagine what Lord Rama must have looked like. May your life treat you well.

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PQ said...

Hope the person close is okay, yeah this mystery called Life is a big puzzle...but a wonderful ride nevertheless.

And rains, we need the drought all the more...its summer big time here...rationing of water expected soon...hope this phase passes soon