Monday, June 10, 2013

So over the weekend the monsoon announced its presence. Big bang style, furiously, sheets of water and all.
I dusted off the music system and made a color coded pile of the books I've yet to read. 
Not only because someone seems to have appropriated my old leaky black umbrella for themselves, but also because this is the first working day of the week so one must seem busy, and also because I'm not sure if the subways would still be flooded,and what about parking, and truth be told whether Miss Blue aka dhanno rani (with me at the wheel) have the requisite skills to negotiate our bumper-to-bumper expressway, I'm not at a friend's book launch this evening. And feeling guilty as hell about it. Not attending a book launch is a mean, dirty and underhand kind of a thing to do...I agree, Sorry, Icy.


Anonymous said...

... don't be too harsh on yourself. Monsoon! Mad traffic! Noise! AND you have said "maybe", not "yes".

austere said...

Thank you for that, mago.

icyHighs said...

Austere, this is damn sweet of you. I only just saw it; thank you. :)