Thursday, June 06, 2013

Anyone who can think up a business model to address the needs of the old, with offspring abroad-- is going to make a ton of serious money. 
Forces one to think of one's situation too, a decade or two down the line.
last few weeks have been busy.
too many unexpected things. travel, travel, travel. And work interspersed.
the markets have been skittish.
after the first rainshower, nothing yet, but coming soon soon soon...gray tinges the outline of huge clouds spotted thru picture glass windows.. The full power, thundering monsoon...we wait....

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icyHighs said...

Already big business in Kerala - 5 star old age homes for parents of NRIs- little cottages with all facilities, staff and most importantly company of people of similar age/interests. I know it sounds callous but it does seem better than them living alone in a house they have to tend to.